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What Information Do I Need to See in My CRM?

With CRMs, the earlier you identify information you want to save, the more robust your CRM will be, and you’ll save time by avoiding retroactively updating your past records. Here’s our recommended information that you’ll want to start seeing in your CRM as soon as possible.

Information Generated by Marketing

Firstly, you’ll want to see the following information about any contact that’s generated by your marketing

  • Lead Source
    It’s vital that you can point to any record in your CRM and know exactly where it came from
  • Conversion Piece
    What was the conversion piece/lead magnet that the contact converted with
  • Engagement Metrics
    How did they interact and behave with your website or marketing?
  • Campaign Information
    If you can save more granular marketing data such as which campaign or ad it originated from, you’ll unlock much more in-depth marketing ROI reporting

Capturing Information for Sales

For Sales, consider if you’re capturing all of this information in your CRM

  • Marketing Qualification Criteria
    This will be the preliminary qualifiers you use to identify target market opportunities to speed up your prospecting efforts
  • Won & Lost reason
    You’ll want to always record what lead to your sales outcome for future analysis
  • Sales activity
    Keep your sales team efficient and accountable by funnelling all their activity through your CRM

Digital marketing platforms are making it easier to close the loop between sales and marketing, allowing you to optimise based on contacts that have actually become customers. For example, LinkedIn has a tool to link any CRM milestone back into LinkedIn Ads via Zapier.

Make The Most of Data

Here is the data you’ll want to be making sure you’re storing about your customers in order to take advantage of this new marketing opportunity.

  1. Account size
    Track this so you can segment your customers by how much revenue they represent
  2. Furthest Deal Stage
    Identify how far leads have progressed through your sales process and decide which stages are worth optimising your campaigns over
  3. Won reason
    Create a sophisticated marketing flywheel where you can tailor campaigns based on common won reasons, and then automatically feed matching won deals back into your ads to improve the performance even more.

Incorporating comprehensive data into your CRM from the start ensures a robust system and saves you time in the long run. Optimise efforts and create seamless integration by capturing essential marketing and sales information.

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