Quick Fire Insights | Fundamentals of a Good Email Nurture Sequence

Fundamentals of a Good Email Nurture Sequence

Behind every successful business is a well-crafted email nurture sequence. When set up successfully, it essentially acts as a highly efficient salesperson, working around the clock to help convert potential customers into actual sales. 

Why Is an Email Nurture Sequence Important?

Many business owners forget that less than 3% of your market is actively ready to make a purchasing decision¹. While 37% are in the consideration stage and doing research. 

Having a good email nurture sequence plays directly to this.

Tip #1: Provide Value

Leading on from above, you want to make sure you provide more value than you take. The 80/20² rule applies here: 80% of the time, provide amazing value to your target audience, and 20% of the time, ask for a certain action step that brings them closer to becoming a customer. 

It is a common mistake for businesses to ask for a huge commitment from a potential customer, such as a discovery call or sale, straight away. Consider a good email nurture sequence like dating. You’re not going to ask someone to marry you after the first one or two dates, are you? 

Tip #2: Set a Strategic Cadence

Another common mistake businesses make is they spend all this time developing an eBook or whitepaper for their potential customers to download, however they have no follow up emails being sent at regular intervals.


Tip #3: Subject Lines Matter

Writing eye-catching subject lines and preview texts can make or break your email nurture campaigns. 69%³ of email recipients report emails as spam based on the subject lines alone. Dismissing the importance of headlines would be a huge mistake. 

The subject line will also have the biggest impact on your open rate, so don’t be afraid to A/B test.


Having a good email nurture sequence can be one of the greatest assets a company can produce. It can showcase your brand, highlight who you are, and generate warm, consistent leads for your sales team on autopilot. Focus on providing value, setting a cadence and mastering your subject lines.


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