Two Things to Consider when Implementing your CRM

Two Things to Consider in Implementing a CRM

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Is your business looking to implement a CRM (Customer Relationship Management)? Or perhaps you’ve already tried and it hasn’t been as successful as you hoped?  

How you choose to integrate a CRM has a massive impact on the success or failure of the software, so proactively ask the following two questions:

  1. Who’s your product champion?
  2. Is the long-term ROI worth the short-term disruption?

Who’s Your Product Champion?

As a busy CEO or business owner, you probably see the value in a CRM solution. And if you have 11 employees or more, then 91% of your peers would also agree

While you’re likely in a great position to sign off on CRM investments,  you’re also likely to be too time-poor to take it from shiny and new to a core part of your day-to-day operations. 

Therefore, it’s important to identify early on who your product champion will be. This will be someone who is systems-oriented, understands your business and has no problem taking accountability. If no one comes to mind, then you may be introducing more problems than you intend to solve.

Is the Long-Term ROI Worth the Short-Term Disruption?

There’s no avoiding the fact that a new CRM, or even modifications to an existing CRM, will cause short-term disruption. How much, will depend on the previously mentioned product champion, integration resources and expertise, and the team’s appetite for change.

That being said, the long-term benefit of investing in a new or enhanced CRM is more often than not worth the short-term inconvenience.

That’s because a CRM can increase conversion rates by 300%

When properly implemented, the ROI of a CRM can exceed 245%.² It will help to:

  • get more leads
  • convert more leads 
  • retain your current customers
  • enhance your sales-marketing feedback loop
  • provide data and insight for strategic decision-making


In summary, the long-term benefit of implementing a CRM can more than justify the cost and short-term disruption. The latter can be greatly reduced by having an internal product champion.

Growth-minded businesses should embrace the potential of CRMs, whilst embarking on their implementation with diligence.


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Noah Te Ao - Qualified Leads
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Noah oversees the integration needs of both Qualified Leads clients and the internal team. His experience in software development lends itself to translating the ideas and needs of the growth-minded business leaders we work with into executable projects and outcomes.
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