Aurora Financial

Financial Services, New Zealand

Digby Butcher
Head of Mortgages


Workspace Design, Australia

“We are thrilled to share our exceptional experience with Qualified Leads. It was a game-changer in optimising our pipeline metrics and lead capturing processes. From the outset, Qualified Leads exhibited a profound understanding of our business needs, translating into tangible improvements.

Their skill for leveraging multiple channels for lead capturing significantly elevated our outreach. 

What sets Qualified Leads apart is their commitment to serving as a single point of reference for our sales team. This not only streamlined communication but also fostered a more collaborative and efficient approach.

The team at Qualified Leads have been dedicated and professional throughout our collaboration, evolving into a true partner in our growth journey. Their solutions are not only technically robust but also tailored to align with our evolving business goals.

We wholeheartedly recommend Qualified Leads to any organisation seeking expertise in lead capturing. Their tailored solutions and collaborative approach make them an invaluable asset.”

Ben Myhill


Utilities, New Zealand

Nick Hayman
General Manager

B:HIVE, Smales Farm

Commercial Real Estate, New Zealand

“We have been working with Qualified Leads to help us fill additional space recently added to the B:HIVE.

Over a six-month period working with Qualified Leads our occupancy has increased from 81% to 100%, and we are currently managing a waitlist of enquiry.

The team have proven extremely knowledgeable and have helped us to optimise our sales process, strategies and enquiry pipeline which we have managed to convert into outstanding results.

We would happily recommend Qualified Leads to anyone looking to drive improved sales.”

Anna Smale

Profile Financial Services

Financial Services, Australia

Spiros Christoforatos
Head of Client & Financial Growth