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The Importance of a Multi-Channeled Strategy

A multi-channel strategy is the use of a mix of media channels to market your business, in digital this includes Google Search, LinkedIn Ads, Meta Ads, Email Marketing, and more. Leveraging multiple channels enables brands to interact with customers across multiple touch-points, creating a more comprehensive campaign.

Imagine your ideal B2B target customer, while they might be very business oriented and you might think LinkedIn or paid search is the best or the only way to reach them, but even the most business-focused people visit platforms such as YouTube or Instagram.

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Avoid Common Pitfalls

Many businesses fall into the trap of using a ‘waterfall’ approach, only selecting marketing channels based on gut feel or an over-reliance on last-click attribution*. This method typically overvalues bottom-of-the-funnel campaigns and doesn’t provide an accurate measure of a channel’s true value. It will not give you confidence in testing other channels or upper-funnel campaigns.

Embrace Testing Channels

Let’s say your growth focused B2B company is looking to increase business through digital marketing. Paid search is often the go-to for capturing users who are actively searching for your solution. However, relying solely on lower-funnel strategies such as paid search confines your business to existing search volumes.

To maximise your potential, prospecting campaigns will be able to capture new users who aren’t actively searching but show relevant intent signals. Additionally, remarketing campaigns can re-engage users who have previously interacted with your business by presenting them with targeted offers.

Top 3 Benefits of a Multi-Channel Strategy

There are 3 key benefits of a multi-channel marketing strategy:

  • Reach Customers Where They Are
    Connect with your audience across the various platforms they use, increasing your brand’s visibility and accessibility.
  • Cover the Entire Funnel
    Engage potential customers at every stage of their journey, from initial awareness to final conversion, ensuring a comprehensive approach to marketing.
  • Exceed Campaign Goals
    A diversified approach helps you achieve and surpass your marketing and business objectives.

In summary, adopting a multi-channel strategy enables your business to effectively connect with and engage with your target audience across various platforms. This approach not only increases your reach but also drives better results and growth.

*Last-click attribution is a model used in marketing to assign credit for a conversion to the last point of contact (or click) that a customer had before completing the desired action.

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