How Can SEO Best Practices Also Reduce My Google Ads Costs?

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Most growth-minded companies are investing in both an SEO strategy and a Google Ads pay-per-click strategy. However, many fail to see the synergies between the two.

That’s because the same “bots” that crawl websites for SEO also crawl the landing pages for Google Ads quality score (a coefficient that influences how much you pay per click). 

That’s why it’s important to understand and implement SEO best practices, as well as identify opportunities, as they will improve both your organic and paid digital marketing efforts.

In this article you’ll learn about 3 key areas that can help both SEO and Google Ads:

  1. Keyword Strategy
  2. Landing Page Experience
  3. Utilising SEO insights for ad copy optimisation

Keyword Strategy

Knowing exactly how your prospects are searching for your products and services is the foundation for any keyword strategy. 

By creating a solid keyword mapping strategy, your landing pages will be understood as relevant for those queries. 

What this means in a Google Ads sense is that Google’s bot will crawl your page and essentially say, “this page relates to this search, so I’ll reward it with a cheaper cost per click.”

As a quick checklist, ensure the right keywords are cohesively utilised on landing pages: 

  • Page URL
  • Headings
  • Meta Titles
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Alt Tags

Image Infographic Highlighting Different Assets

Landing Page Experience

Ensure that your landing page loads fast, is secure, and helps users easily navigate and find the information they are looking for. 

Google can quantify the User Experience of a page and will reward good experiences with a cheaper cost per click on Google Ads.

Utilising SEO Insights for Ad Copy Optimisation

Take the time to look at how your pages and content perform organically and share those insights over to paid ad efforts.

By identifying high-performing keywords and understanding user intent, you can craft more relevant and compelling ad copy which will result in more of the right people clicking on your ads and converting.


In summary, growth-minded businesses should ensure they follow SEO best practices as it will result in lower costs-per-click and better results for Google Ads campaigns.

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