Qualified Leads | How to call bull**** on your digital marketing agency?

Debunk and Challenge Your Digital Marketing Agency

In the fast-moving world of digital marketing, it is common to see agencies dazzling clients with marketing jargon that aims to deviate their attention away from what really matters. These conversations are often accompanied by unrealistic expectations and lofty promises of overnight success.

To unveil some of these practices we highlighted a few points to keep in mind when assessing your digital marketing agency’s performance.

These points include:

  • True KPIs vs Vanity Metrics
  • Lack of Transparency
  • Lack of Communication.
  • High Turnover Rate of Account Managers

True KPIs vs Vanity Metrics

Are you getting regular updates on the KPIs that really matter to your business?
Frequently we see agencies focusing on metrics like Post Likes, Followers, Cost Per Click, Click Through Rate, and Clicks. Although these may be important, you need regular updates on Total Leads, Sales, Cost Per Lead, Return On Ad Spend, Qualified Leads, Cost Per Qualified Leads, etc.. These are key indicators of how effectively your money is being spent.

Lack of Transparency

Most digital marketing agencies will charge you on a commission basis. This means that the more you spend on any online platform, the higher their commission amount will be.So keep that in mind when you receive a recommendation to spend more. Is it actually in your best interest, or because they want to clip the ticket more?

Lack of Communication, Unresponsiveness and Poor Reporting

Account managers frequently handle an extensive portfolio of clients, often exceeding 50 accounts. This means that you may be investing thousands of dollars in exchange for as little as 45 minutes per week in actual work.

High Turnover Rate of Employees Working on Your Account

Is your dedicated account manager constantly changing? This may indicate deeper internal issues that can disrupt the continuity and effectiveness of your campaigns. Moreover, you’ll find yourself repeatedly explaining your business and its goals to a revolving door of new team members.


To ensure your digital marketing agency is truly delivering value, always assess if your KPIs are central to their work.  Be aware of ad spend commissions and keep them accountable for clear, regular communication. Finally, demand a thorough understanding of your business, because without it, your campaigns will never achieve their true potential.

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