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The 9 Steps To Successful Lead Generation

Navigating lead generation can be daunting, especially for business leaders who are not marketing specialists. This article breaks down the dark art of lead generation by dissecting strategy into nine inter-connected steps. By understanding these steps, you’ll likely realise why previous efforts may have fallen short and identify opportunities to enhance successful campaigns.

Why You Should Break Down Your Strategy?

Many businesses dismiss campaigns as failures without analysing the contributing factors. For instance, excellent Google Ads won’t yield results if directed to an average webpage with no tracking. 

This misinterpretation leads to missed opportunities and highlights the need to understand the interconnected elements required for success.

What Are The Nine Steps?


  1. Objective Marketing Analysis
    Assess your past marketing and sales data to identify successful campaigns and areas for improvement. This helps understand customer acquisition costs and return on investment.
  2. Strategic Plan of Action
    Develop a data-driven plan targeting the right audience with the right products, using insights from the analysis. Flexibility to adjust based on real-time data is essential.
  3. Attract & Engage
    Create compelling content, including ads and lead magnets like eBooks, calculators, worksheets, or checklists, to attract and engage potential customers.
  4. Analytics & Reporting
    Install tracking systems such as Google Analytics and conversion tracking before launching campaigns. Regularly review key metrics to ensure alignment with business objectives.
  5. Channels to Market
    Choose the right platforms like Google Ads, LinkedIn, or Meta Ads based on your strategic plan. Launch campaigns and adapt based on performance data.
  6. Website & Landing Pages
    Ensure your website is optimised for conversions with social proof and a logical structure. Design specific landing pages for each campaign to enhance conversion rates.
  7. Nurture & Engage
    Develop nurture sequences and retargeting strategies to keep leads engaged until they convert to sales, collaborating closely with your sales team.
  8. Marketing Automation
    Automate repetitive tasks such as email sequences and data sharing between marketing and sales to improve efficiency and accuracy.
  9. Feedback & Iteration
    Maintain a feedback loop between sales and marketing to continually refine strategies. Transparent reporting and qualitative feedback help in iterating and improving campaigns.

How to Apply the 9 Steps to Your Business

If you want to assess your lead generation strategy across these nine steps, use the Qualified Leads’ self-assessment. It will grade your business on each step and benchmark it against national and industry averages. This will guide you in refining your lead generation strategy effectively.

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